What is Yoga?

Yoga is a form of exercise that focuses more on toning muscles, strengthening your core and correcting imbalances in muscles groups due to wear and tear or imbalances use of muscle groups in day to day activities, such as prolonged sitting in front of a computer, attending to newborns or playing a specific sport on a regular basis.    

Yoga is perfect in supporting your health when life is hectic. You'll be able to sleep better, feel more relaxed and less stressed and enjoy healthy, strong and mobile body.

Coach ​Kelly Monro

My journey with yoga began 14 years ago. Being an avid runner who has suffered through aches and pains over the years of pounding the pavement, I realized I could greatly benefit from yoga’s effects on strength, flexibility, and balance. I started practicing regularly and soon feel deep within the practice. In 2012, I decided to take my 200hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Canmore, Canada. The practice of Yoga has taught me awareness of body and breath and to always find peace in chaos.
I have realized that both yoga and running teach us to focus on the present moment. Mindfulness is a key part of yoga and running, as both find themselves focusing on the task at hand, without worrying about the problems of our daily lives. Breath awareness has allowed me to pace myself and run more efficiently. Quieting the mind while stretching and strengthening my body has helped me to relieve pain of muscle tension caused by long runs and daily stress.
I hope my classes allow you to calm the mind, build strength, and increase awareness. It is a true pleasure and honor to inspire and share this practice with others.

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